Master Replica Millenium Falcon

Millenium Falcon

Here's a question: can you think of anything more exciting than an almost perfect, hand-built, hand-painted replica of Han Solo's Millenium Falcon, complete with a glowing cockpit and lightspeed engine?


How about one that's signed by the man behind Han Solo - the one and only Harrison Ford?

That's what you get with the SE (Signature Edition) version of the Master Replica's Studio Scale Millenium Falcon. Are you excited now? You might want to check the price first though because this is only for real Star Wars nuts. Is retails for around $2799!

If you're not quite that rich (who is these days) then you can go for the Limited Edition (LE). This only costs $2199 but you won't get the signed version for this price.

The Millenium Falcon has to be the coolest ship in the Star Wars galaxy and probably one of the most iconic starships around. This is your chance to own an amazingly detailed replica, designed directly from the models built for the original Star Wars trilogy.

A 120v power adapter is supplied with your model. Guess what that's for...

Yep - this is to power the lighting system in your Falcon - lightspeed engine, cockpit and front headlights. Remember the Falcon flying though the 'tunnel' in Empire Strikes Back? Imagine a glowing Falcon sitting in your house with its lights on during a dark evening. Beats a log fire, right?

The original model built for the Star Wars trilogy was built using hand-sculpted parts plus bits and pieces from multiple plastic model kits for planes, tanks etc. LucasFilm provided the Master Replicas people with unique access to their actual model when they were creating this replica, so you'll see a totally faithful reproduction. The model makers were clearly obsessed with making this as close as possible to the original and this comes through in the amazing detail. The paint details are just like the original too. You'll notice that your own model looks as beaten-up and laser-blasted as the original.

The model comes in several parts: the Falcon itself, the custom, mirrored base with Master Replica logo, radar dish and the power adapter. Size is a whopping 32 inches by 24 inches by 6 inches.

You'll want to ensure that your brand new Millenium Falcon makes it from the factory without any scratches or dents (nothing other than laser bolt damage of course). Hence the nice people at Master Replicas package your starship up in a sturdy outer carton and an inner carton with a styrofoam case. Watch out - it's really heavy, since the model includes a sturdy internal metal armature for strength. This is not a toy. Really.

This has to be one of the most impressive pieces of the Star Wars Gallery that you can own. Yes, you could spend the money on a nice vacation, but you won't get the satisfaction of admiring it on your desk for years to come. OK, so it needs to be a large desk.

This awesome model is now pretty rare as only 500 were made so it's unlikely you'll find a new one. They do come up for sale occasionally though. Check out the sources in the box on the right when you've secured the funds.

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